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E1 & Hybrid Trucks

E1 is currently developing a Hybrid approach to emission reduction and fuel efficiency - a replacement to the “standard” Class 8 motor.
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Sales & Service

We offer premium equipment from Peterbilt, Kenworth, Utility, Great Dane, Wilson, Lufkin, Wabash, Transcraft & more.

Energy 1 focuses on developing energy and emission solutions for the post carbon economy within the transportation industry.  E1 specializes in the business of licensing and marketing of new clean energy, clean air and energy reducing technologies with a growing portfolio of ‘eco-friendly’ energy technologies via strategic acquisitions and joint ventures with  companies internationally and energy research organizations.

About Energy 1 Corporation:

Energy 1 Corporation or ‘E1′ (publicly quoted as EGOC on the Over-The-Counter Pink® Market Tier) is a Nevada C-Corporation focused in Pioneering Clean Energy via Class 8 Trucking Solutions as a developer, manufacturer and distributor of fuel efficiency and emission reduction technologies for retrofitting on diesel and gasoline powered equipment.  Our technologies are available for variable as well as constant speed motors and can be configured to meet most desires or needs.

Energy 1, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Master Lease headquartered in Henderson Colorado, offers heavy equipment leasing solutions primarily to smaller logistics and trucking firms including sole owner-operators.  Master Lease boasting a portfolio of equipment comprised of more than 150 active leasing clients and approximately 250 over-the-road trucks, trailers, and other specialty equipment.

A fitting match for E1’s creed of Better, Cleaner & Greener driving a synergy of possibilities and leading over the road trucking innovation via applications of E1 technologies on Master Lease’s growing portfolio of over-the-road trucks, trailers and specialty equipment.

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